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Teacher of the Year

​2022-2023 Teach​​​er of the Year Mrs. McCormick! 

Spirit Elementary is proud to announce that Mrs. McCormick will be representing Spirit as the 2023-2024 ​Teacher Of the Year! 

Ms. McCormick teaches all 95 of our 5th graders in the state science standards. Last year under Ms. McCormick’s teaching our 5th graders raised our science proficiency on the state assessment from 46% to 64%! Ms. McCormick looks at each student in her class as an individual. She believes that each student can reach proficiency on the state standards with the specifically designed instructional practices that they need. In her classroom, you can see students having conversations about learning and standards, you see students hands doing experiments and investigations, you can see students clarifying their thinking and pushing the thinking of others. Students are engaged in learning behaviors that will help them critique the world around them, and discover answers to questions after they have left her classroom.

Ms. McCormick is a solution driven teacher, providing access, equity and opportunity for all students to meet their goals and to improve outcomes in science education. In all aspects of public education, improving student outcomes, meeting the needs of diverse learners, impacting students outside the classroom and school, and improving the craft of teaching by developing her practice and the practice of others, She is THE DIFFERENCE!

Spirit Elementary's Teacher of the Year, Mrs. McCormick